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Thalaso pot - Approx size 100cm x 65cm & weight 65kg.
Price does not include delivery.

Thalaso pot

SKU: 0002
  • Approx size 100cm x 65cm & weight 65kg. Capacity approx. 250L.The water butts are large and very heavy so please ensure there is the necessary access to your garden for delivery.

    The water butt consists of the terracotta pot, a tap and a lid. Depending on the proposed site and fitting required a suitable rainwater diverter maybe needed to be purchased with a corresponding hole drilled into the pot. Please consult a professional tradesman regarding installation.

    Although the water butts are sealed before dispatch, some seepage may occur due to the natural porosity of the terracotta. The butt will need resealing from time to time using a water sealant suitable for sealing brickwork.

    Due to all our pots being hand made the details and colour of each pot will vary.

    Care instructions

    Please see our FAQ page.


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