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  • How quickly will the water butt be delivered ?
    When in stock the pot will be dispatched straight from our warehouse in days.
  • How much is the delivery charges ?
    Delivery £95. However, charges may vary depending on the postcode of the address and can be quoted in advance.
  • Do you sell Cretan pots as well as water butts ?
    Yes we can provide the same pots which haven't been converted to water butts which make a beautiful addition to any garden. Please contact us for details.
  • How to care for the pots ?
    Please ensure the pot is not resting on bare earth, instead place it on bricks, paving slabs or concrete. To prevent any damage being caused to the pot in the winter, the water butt must be drained completely and if fitted the rain water diverter needs to be disconnected before the first freezing conditions occur. Although the water butts are sealed before dispatch, some seepage may occur due to the natural porosity of the terracotta. The butt will need resealing from time to time using a water sealant suitable for sealing brickwork.
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